Boeing 737-700

General Arrangement

Benefit Charts

Fuel Savings

Winglets Offer Substantial Fuel Savings
Fuel Savings Chart

Payload-Range Curve

Winglets Increase Payload-Range Capability for 737-700s
Payload-Range Curve Chart

Improved Take-Off Performance

Winglets Improve Take-Off Performance
Improved Take-Off Performance Chart

Weight Impact

Winglet Installation Weight Impact
Retrofit Production
737-700 Non-Provisioned Wing
(Deliveries Prior to L/N 1545)
+334 lbs
(152 kgs)
737-700 Provisioned Wing
(Deliveries L/N 1545 and on)
+241 lbs
(109 kgs)
+220 lbs
(100 kgs)

Wing provisioning for the 737-700 adds approx. 38 lbs (17 kgs) to the 737-700 basic MEW.

Proven Benefits

  • Lower Block Fuel
  • Reduced Engine Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Takeoff Performance
  • Increased Payload-Range Capacity
  • Lower Emissions
  • Reduced Airport Community Noise
  • Higher Initial/Optimal Cruise Altitudes
  • More Economical Dash Speed Capacity
  • Lower Landing & Navigation Fees
  • Dramatically Different Appearance
  • Higher Aircraft Residual Value

Installation Downtime

For more information about installation downtime, please view the Retrofit page for more details.