Improved Takeoff Performance

By allowing a steeper climb, Blended Winglets pay off in better takeoff performance, especially from obstacle-limited, high, hot, weight-limited, and/or noise-restricted airports. Performance Improved climb gradients increase 737-800 allowable takeoff weight (TOW).

Some examples include:
  • Chicago-Midway: ~1,600 lb additional TOW
  • Lanzarote (Canary Islands): ~3,500 lb additional TOW
  • Albuquerque, Denver, and Salt Lake City: ~4,400 lb additional TOW
Blended Winglets Provide Additional Performance at Difficult Airports

Assuming 5% improvement in low speed drag, Optimum v1, Optimum flaps, and Improved Climb. AFM-DPI was used for Blended Winglet Performance calculations.

Mexico City 05L
767-300/CF6-80C2B6F AC Off
Dry Runway, Flaps 5, Zero Wind

Improved Take-Off Performance Chart